First Day Packets- Folder Stuffing Day!

Summer is almost over and the first day of school is quickly approaching, which means we have first day packets to stuff!

Please join us in the school meeting room from 9am-1pm on Monday, August 28th. Any amount of time you can donate will be much appreciated. Please sign up via the link below.

Thank you so much for helping - after all, many hands make light work!


Welcome rising 6th grade students!

Dear Future Falcon Family,

Welcome to middle school from the Yorktown Middle School PTSA!

Do you feel prepared? Are you nervous? Do you have questions about middle school? We want to help you make a smooth transition to YMS and we are available to help you as you begin your middle school adventure. We invite you to join us during the Falcon Forum on August 21st. We will have an overview of student activities, a parent panel, and school staff will share tips on making your YMS experience a success.

Here are some tips to help make a smooth transition.

ՉBe informed! You can find out whatҳ happening through the Yorktown Middle School website, the YMS PTSA website and the YMS PTSA Facebook group page. Also, be sure to sign up to receive PTSA emails, activate your ASPEN account (opt-in for emails), and give YMS your current email address. The school sends weekly emails and posts them to their website. Also, be sure to read the schoolҳ Falcon Flyer that arrives via mail in August.
ՉAsk questions! When you canҴ find the information you need, be sure to as the PTSA, the office staff, the teachers or the guidance staff.
ՉJoin us! We have an active PTSA. We encourage both parents and students to join. Itҳ a great way to support your school and a great place for both students and parents to volunteer. Plus, there are perks to student membership in addition to other PTSA member benefits.

We look forward to meeting you at the Falcon Forum and Open House this fall!

Yorktown Middle School PTSA

Helpful Resources:

PTSA Pam Abercrombie aboxofcrayons@cox.net
Yorktown Middle School Website: www.edline.net/pages/YMS
YMS PTSA Facebook page Yorktown Middle School PTSA (ask to join)
YMS PTSA Website: yorkmiddle.my-pta.org

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Looking to get involved?

We are in need of a Box Top Coordinator for the upcoming school year. This volunteer position is one of the lesser demanding positions you will find and yet you feel like you contribute so much to your school! Just a little background...there are only 2 collections throughout the entire school year, one at the end of October and one at the end of February.

Itҳ a great way to be involved and help us raise money for our school and children!!

If you are interested in helping with Box Tops email us at yorkmiddleptsa@gmail.com.

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